Guiding personal choice and decision together, in:


  • Relationship difficulties
    Conflicts, dilemmas and understanding others.
  • Depression
    Feeling low, dis-ease in the world.
  • Stress, anxiety & phobias
    Coping strategies – tools and techniques.
  • Sex matters!
    Sexuality, towards others and towards yourself.
  • Anger management
    Understanding triggers and coping more effectively.
  • Personal growth
    Self empowerment and assertiveness.

Looking beyond dilemmas to life’s choices!

Counselling seeks to emphasise an individual’s potential for change and growth. This is facilitated through a personal – one to one – relationship with an experienced, qualified practitioner. It provides an opportunity to talk in a non-judgemental environment.

The client is encouraged to talk openly about their difficulties, sharing worries and fears.

Working together confidentially in a series of sessions, we will explore aspects of being in the world. The work will promote a sense of clarity, identifying how current choices can be broadened, allowing for different outcomes to existing difficulties, problems and issues.